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Vera Christine Heyer nee Seth

Painting and art have always been a very important part of my life. When, in my early schooldays, my family was posted to Nigeria, I was exposed to the vibrant colours and forms of Africa and its traditional tribal art. Later I was sent to Germany to improve my German, but sadly it was not enough to get admitted to the Stuttgart College of Arts, so I joined Lufthansa instead.

Thereafter marriage and three children, with all its time constraints, did not allow much time to pursue my art interests. However, the children looked forward to our time together painting and creating art. Ten years ago I joined a group of artists, who were instructed by Janos Bella, an accredited artist from Hungary. These sessions were informative and very helpful, as I am self-taught. We have an annual vernissage where I exhibit regularly.

I have been invited by the local High School to teach beginners and restarters acrylic painting and I also run children’s’ art classes during school holidays. This has proved very popular, with more children and adults joining each term.

I was over the moon to find that the RA Summer Exhibition Team has chosen my Totem Pole to be exhibited, particularly in this 250th anniversary year, 2018.

Now I look forward to my next exhibitions to come.